Maggie top dog in Storm’s Wiener Dog race

Terra Lundy holds Maggie who was very happy with winning the Kamloops Storm's weiner dog race. Storm general manager Matt Kolle presented them with a prize bag.

The competition was heated and the conditions were ruff for the Kamloops Storm on Saturday night as more than 800 spectators packed the McArthur Park Island Arena for the team’s annual Wiener Dog race.

When all was said and done, Maggie was crowned top dog among 49 four-legged entrants after she used her long, quick legs to secure victory. It’s the second wiener dog race win in her young career.

“It was fan-freakin-tastic,” said Maggie’s owner Terra Lundy with a laugh of the race. “It was really good. I did tell her all week, planting the seed to bring momma home the gold, and she rose to the challenge. It was pretty fantastic.” 

Maggie, winner of the Kamloops Storm wiener dog race.

Maggie celebrated with some popcorn, which she loves and broke into her winning prize basket enjoying a hot dog toy and sharing treats with the other wiener dogs she lives with. Maggie enjoyed more treats than normal and Lundy joked she has to get Maggie sleek to defend her title next year.

Since the event was such a success, the Storm will be hosting a Wiener Dog race again next season.

“I think it went really well,” said Storm general manager Matt Kolle. “I wanted to have the wiener dogs out and the owners to have a fun time with other dogs. Seeing the dogs dressed up in the stands, it made for such a positive and happy environment.”

The event also raised money for Angels Animal Rescue Society.